We’re here to make life easier for property investors & professionals

Properlytics allows you to complete a property analysis with absolute precision. We have created a platform that allows you to simplify the way you produce property calculations and projections, allowing you to manage multiple clients and/ or properties with the option of producing an easy to understand, customisable report.

We have complete confidence in the accuracy of properlytics. Our aim is to give you that same assurance in your investment decisions, thanks to over 100,000 complex calculations made easy with our easy to follow 9-step process.

The Line-up

  • Brodie Haupt

    Brodie Haupt


  • Drew Haupt

    Drew Haupt


  • Marco Zande

    Marco Zande

    Strategy Executive

  • Foster Burton

    Foster Burton


  • Joel Mechielsen

    Joel Mechielsen


  • Miguel Nitorreda

    Miguel Nitorreda

    Data Analyst

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